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Control Heat, Glare and Fading

SRF can help you control heat, glare and fading with See-Thru Solar Control Window Shades. You have the ability to leave the shades up when not needed or pull them down for protection from the sun’s damaging rays, or for insulation at night.

Alkenz Woven Shades:

  • Long lasting, durable, and easy to maintain
  • Filters out heat and glare while allowing natural light to enter
  • Allows outward visibility, even when closed
  • Almost limitless design possibilities; with various styles, colors and
    light transmissions available

All Shades are Custom Made Using State of the Art Components:

  • Ball bearing spring controls on bead chain & clutch
  • Enamel-baked steel tubing
  • Electronic motors and remote controls also available
  • Blackout shades, side channels and fascia
Alkenz Sun Shadow

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