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Simply put, it’s the best! I know that’s easy to say, but I think you’ll agree that the following information will lend credibility to that statement.


1. VISTA is manufactured by the largest manufacturer of window film in the world,
C P Films, Inc,. C P Films is the only O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in the industry. This mean they control the whole process, from raw material to the finished product, assuring the highest standards of quality. (ISO 9001 Certified)

2. VISTA has the most inclusive Residential Lifetime Warranty in the industry.
(Commercial Warranty is 10 years) It covers not only the material and labor, but also the glass itself against seal failure (3 yrs)or thermal-shock fracture (5 yrs).

3. VISTA will eliminate 99.9% of all ULTRA-VIOLET (A & B) penetration (the only film on the market that stops that much), with little to no change in the appearance of the glass. This will greatly reduce damage to furniture, draperies, carpets, oriental rugs, wood floors, and art work! Infra-red (heat) damage is also significantly reduced.

4. VISTA window films will soften light, not eliminate it, by reducing glare.

5. VISTA is easily maintained. Though other film manufacturers will strongly warn against the use of ammonia or vinegar based cleaners (i.e. Windex, Glass Plus, etc.), all these cleaners can be safely used on VISTA. This is possible because VISTA has the strongest scratch-resistant surface in the industry. This not only protects the film from scratches, but also from those stronger cleaners.

6VISTA has a patented, synthetic adhesive system that gives it a life expectancy of 35-40 years! Other brands of film have organic based adhesive systems, like contact paper, that will breakdown in an average of only 10-12 years.

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